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The submission deadlines to participate in full for phase one (all three 2024 sessions) are now closed. 

To apply for session one with Dianne Walker, please submit by January 31, by completing the following questions below: 


1. Describe your current practice, both solo and collaborative


2. Describe your home community, and how you function within it


3. Explain why this opportunity would be meaningful for you at this time


4. If the opportunity arises to attend session two and three, would you be:

a) interested?

b) able to attend?

c) if interested but unable to attend, what are your challenges? (cost, trouble finding collaborator, date conflicts, work, etc)

Please send (in pdf format only) to

Due to limited spots available, we need to curate the group based on submissions. All applicants will be notified no later than February 2, 2024. 



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