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When accepted, a contract will be drafted outlining your commitment to attend all three sessions. Phase one is to be attended in full with the same community of participants returning for each session. To alleviate costs, and navigate the process, our production team is committed to offer: 


-a range of payment plan options best suited for your personal circumstances


-assistance with securing local accommodations


-consistent communication in the interim between sessions to continue mentorship, collaborative process and community building

-grant application assistance (letter of support, help with creating proposal budget, and a list of applicable grants for Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts, see below)





OAC - Dance Projects, Training & Community Development

Deadlines: October 5, 2023, and end of March 2024 (check website for exact date)


CCA - Explore & Create, Professional Development for Artists

Deadlines: October 18, 2023, February 7, 2024


OAC - Chalmers Professional Development

Deadline: November 16, 2023 (one deadline annually)


CCA - Arts Across Canada, Travel Grants

Deadline: anytime before departure (find out results within 3 months of application)

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