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What they say about the Labs...

Heather Cornell's laboratory is the dream space.  She is a teacher who gathers passion for dance and music and shares it, a teacher who creates the right place to explore, integrate, share, risk, listen and understand. One really comes out as if the world had stopped to connect. This laboratory is such a necessary place.

Antonio Vilchez

Zapateo & Afro-Peruvian Music Master

Heather Cornell's Tap Labs  are truly the most exciting, challenging and fun-filled journeys of discovery anyone can imagine. Nowhere else can you find an atmosphere so supportive and a work environment that nurtures creative expression to this degree of personal reinvention. Heather has the experience and the "magic touch" that can change a person's life forever and send them on a breath-taking adventurous voyage of artistic wonder and life-long exploration. I am living proof of this, and forever grateful. Thank you Heather!

Max Pollak


After spending some 40 hours of interviews and countless hours in the studio I can say that Heather’s tap labs is a must for any tap dancer looking for a formative, challenging, and inspiring experience.

Anthony Morigerato


One of a kind experience that will let you be in touch with your inner music. 

Chikako Iwahori

Tap Dancer/Musician

I respect Heather Cornell as much as any of the great musicians I have worked with. She is the real deal when it comes to jazz music and tap. She understands the history and functions on the highest level as an artist.

Jim Donica

Jazz Bassist, NY

I've had the good fortune of working with, and being guided by this woman a few times over the years.  To put it simply, Heather Cornell will change you as a dancer. 

Travis Knights

Toronto, Canada

I think the most memorable thing for me was the opportunity to experiment in a nonjudgmental environment with the support of teacher, musician, and student. Being in a setting where we could ask so many questions made for great learning.

Dayna Szyndrowski


Working with Heather Cornell, with the wonderful musicians and with all the participants was such a great experience it fundamentally changed my life. The intensive gave me the courage and the confidence to try, to fail, and to succeed. There are very few teachers who teach in such a simple and clear way, and with such love, encouraging us not to imitate others, but to find the rhythm in our own bodies - to be a musician. It was luxury to dance every day with such great and sensitive musicians, who showed us what music is to them in their lives and who accepted us as their instrumental partners. Thank you Heather for these enriching connections. Seldom, perhaps never and nowhere, have I felt so accepted and supported in being who I am and in doing what I do.

Katarina Rasinski, New Music Vocalist, "Die Maulwerker"

Berlin, Germany

This experience was life-changing for me. We learned to speak "jazz". It was much different from any class I had ever taken. Heather pushed us to focus our dancing in a new light. Suddenly, creating our own rhythms was no longer intimidating, but simply part of what we do - as tap musicians. Heather created a path to another level of improvisation and tap dancing. It was really fun to work at this level - comfortably.

Jenefer Miller

Phoenix, AZ

Living and working in Ireland can be very isolating . . . Heather's courses are a great way to re-establish the link into the tap family. I came home with a renewed sense of confidence and that feeling of 'anything's possible.

Diane Richardson, Director of Tapestry


"Most dancers and choreographers find inspiration in music, but not many commune with it as intensely as Canadian tapper Heather Cornell ."

The Stage

London, England

"Her dancing is a visual and aural link to some of the great tap masters."

The Sunday Mercury, Guelph

Ontario, Canada

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