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Heather Cornell has been touring internationally for 30 years.  She headlines for tap companies, festivals and jam sessions, creates shows with local dancers and musicians, and performs on the bill for festivals, workshops, retrospectives and galas in the dance, music and theatre worlds.  She can work with local musicians of many genres or bring one of her own music ensembles.  Click here for more info.


Ms. Cornell was the main choreographer for Manhattan Tap for 20 years.  She created a new style of choreography in concert tap work, one that was called “visual music” by the NY Times.   Since 1989 she has been commissioned by numerous festivals, studios, universities and tap and theater companies internationally, and continues to deepen her unique style of physical music.  She loves to create work on all types of artists at all levels.  Click here for more info.




Ms. Cornell always has a number of projects on the go that are ready for booking.   She was the artistic director of Manhattan Tap for 20 years, from 1985 - 2005, and the company was one of the top booked music/dance shows of that era, performing worldwide.   During that time she collaborated with a number of iconic jazz and world musicians.  She now collaborates on a  series of projects with artists from many genres of music, theatre and dance.   Click here for more info.

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Session 2 with Max Pollak is coming up soon!


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