What:  Conversations with Heather Cornell: The Masters, Manhattan Tap & More Season 2

The Concept:  Conversations with Heather Cornell: The Masters, Manhattan Tap & More is an intimate look at Tap Dance through the lens of one of the movers and shakers of the tap dance renaissance.  During each show, Heather Cornell will invite a guest to join her for a lively discussion on Instagram at noon EST.   Then she’ll hold a community gathering on Zoom where she will show private footage and hold a Q&A, joined by the guest of the week.   

Details:   Come ready to learn about this uniquely North American art form and ask all those questions that you’ve always been dying to ask.  Footage will include 20 years of Manhattan Tap, including shows with mentor Eddie Brown.  Heather will also be showing selections from her shows Finding Synesthesia (with Andy Milne and Malika Zarra), CanTap (with Travis Knights, Matt Shields, Dayna Szyndrowski, Tasha Lawson and Danny Neilson), Taps & Traps (with Jesse Stewart) and Making Music Dance (with Andy Algire, Antonio Vilchez, Bobby Moses and Tony Romano) as well as clips from Manhattan Tap’s annual radio appearances on “Around NY”.  There may be some footage that predates Manhattan Tap and she may even throw in a few cuts from her CD.  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to engage in living tap history.

To Participate: Join us at noon EST on Instagram Live and then on Zoom at 2:30 pm EST.  Click the RSVP button to get a link for the Zoom webinar.

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