For Lodging you have a number of options:


Featured Housing:


This is a large house on a lake, with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, a number of common rooms and a large yard.  It is accessible by car or bike.  About a 20 min walk to the studio.  There is only one bathroom.  Sleeps 6.  Shared bed in private room $225/week.  Own bed in private room $450/week.  Single bed in shared room $275/week. This was the preferred housing last year.  The host, Vicki, is wonderful.


OR:   Airbnb:  Go to their website and check out the options.   I can send you a link to a "wish list" on Airbnb that shows the places that I recommend.  But, the sooner you book the better as these places go fast.  If you find a place in Valley Cottage, you can bike or walk here.  But check Nyack, Piermont, Spring Valley, Nanuet, Congers and Haverstraw if you have a car.  They are all about 10 minutes away.  Once you find a place, contact me and I will check it out for you and let you know the transportation you will need to use.



Budget:  Doubletree Hotel, Nanuet.  To book call 1-800-623-6000.  This is a good hotel for the money.  Rooms are clean, large and there is a pool and breakfast room.  It’s situated on Route 59 so you’ll need to drive everywhere. 


Range:  Starting at $120/night and they have rooms available with 2 king beds.


Luxury:  The Times, Nyack.  A new luxury hotel situated 3 miles from the studio in the town of Nyack, NY.  It is within walking distance of the town and is fully loaded - pool, bars, restaurant, health spa.  There is a free shuttle service that can take you back and forth to the studio, if booked ahead of time, however it is first come first serve so shouldn't be your only means of transportation.  The rooms are not as big as the Doubletree but the hotel is nicer.  For those of you who've stayed here in the past, it is now under new management.

Book the rooms on line.  You should be able to get a single for about $130 or a double double for around $160/night.  Take your time and look for deals.  You can ALWAYS get one!