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Eddie Brown "The Lost Routines"

**Next Sessions in Fall of 2023

10 - 1 hour 15 minute group online classes 

Suggested Fee:  $250/10 week session

**please request deferred payment or partial scholarship if you are unable to pay due to financial hardship

Routines taught:

Eddie's BS Chorus


The Blues

Time Steps


First Impressions

Yardbird Suite


**must be a minimum of 5 students for course to run

**maximum 12 students per class

One of Heather’s most profound influences was Eddie Brown, called Mr. Scientific Rhythm.  Heather studied with him privately in LA in the 80’s & 90’s and brought him to NY to perform with Manhattan Tap at the Village Gate Jazz Club, his first performance in NYC in 50 years and a month before he passed.


Eddie was a bebop dancer and had some of the most eloquent and difficult phrasing of all the dancers of his generation.  Heather has created “The Lost Routines” which are a compilation of phrases that were taught to her in their private sessions and that she has formed into teachable routines.  Dayna Szyndrowski, a former scholarship student of the Labs and a formidable independent artist today, assisted Heather through the entire process of the creation of these routines, over a decade of work.


The goal of these classes is to build a community around this work as we progress through these routines, taking time to understand the style, artistry and contributions of Eddie Brown.  You'll focus on one routine for a 10 week session.  The lineup:  #1 Eddie’s BS Chorus; #2 Paris; #3 The Blues; #4 The Time Steps; #5 Latin; #6 Yardbird Suite.  And there is another one on the way....Heather and Dayna are in the process of creating #7 First Impulses.

Heather has a unique way to pass on oral history, one that allows the student to experience first hand what it was like to work with these mentors.  She studied privately and performed with a number of the masters of rhythm tap.  Her "inner circle" were  Eddie Brown, Charles "Cookie" Cook, Buster Brown, Steve Condos, Chuck Green, and Harriet “Quicksand” Browne.  She was the only tap dancer mentored by the great bassist Ray Brown. Join her and deepen your understanding of this oral tradition with someone who was a direct protégé of Eddie Brown.

Check out a performance of The Blues (Lost Routine #3)



Session 2 with Max Pollak is coming up soon!


Community Offerings Include:

Exclusive Tap Love Tour Podcast

Conversation Series

June 17-28 (virtual)

Footage Nights

June 18, 20, 25, 27


June 22

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