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2014- Present




Making Music Dance

Making Music Dance is a collaborative world music and dance performance ensemble based in the New York area. We are the true meaning of eclectic, coming from diverse stylistic backgrounds:  African, Jazz, South American, Reggae, and many styles of physical percussion, including tap dance.  Our group, spanning 3 generations, has been collaborating since 2012.  Since then we’ve played at music and dance festivals across North America and released our first CD in November of 2015.



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Heather Cornell (tap, wood, sand) is credited as one of the movers and shakers of the tap dance renaissance, a creator of concert tap and a leader in collaborating with world music and jazz.  She tours extensively in the international music and dance scene.

Andy Algire (balafon, percussion) works in NYC and tours with some of the top African musicians in the world, playing balafon and drum kit.  


Tony Romano (guitar) has toured worldwide and has been active in the music scene in NYC for years as a performer, music director, composer, arranger and teacher. 


Adriel Williams (violin, tap, cajon) has created his own unique blend of reggae, jazz and world music changing the face of improvisatory violin.

Guest Artist:  Antonio Vilchez (zapateo, cajon, cajita, tap) lives in Lima, Peru.  He is an important exponent of the diverse fusions characterizing Peruvian art today and of the quest for a Peruvian identity discovered through movement and music.

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