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With the home base of Manhattan, Heather has worked with some of the greatest jazz and world musicians in the world. Heather had a long-standing collaborative relationship with renowned bassist Ray Brown, and she was the only tap dancer for whom he acted as a musical mentor.  Ray wrote Gumbo Hump, a tap piece that has been called by some, the greatest tap work ever.   He then wrote his 20 minute Ray’s Tap Suite, which they premiered together at Lincoln Center in NYC in 1997.   Over the years, the musicians that Ms. Cornell collaborated with would read like an anthology of jazz and world music:  Keith Terry and Crosspulse, Leon Parker, Lewis Nash, The Harper Brothers, David Leonhardt, David “Fathead” Newman, Clint Houston, Obo Addy, Famoro Diabata, Sylvain Leroux and Pepe Danza, to name a few.

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