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"I whole-heartedly support Black Lives Matter.  We must all work to remove systemic racism from our law enforcement, prisons, schools, and economy.  Racism is a global issue and I will continue to support my friends in the black and brown communities around the world.  ~ Heather Cornell

Today, I am watching our children come together to bring about change.  I am humbled that they have the strength to be uncompromising and to demand humanity, freedom and real community.  I follow the youth as well as the black and brown communities. And, I support their efforts.


I have developed this fundraising initiative to support the movement against inequality and injustice. Each month, I will be accepting donations to support charities that are fighting for change. 


The charity selected for December is:

L’école fula flute a project, founded by our guest Sylvain Leroux, to bring music literacy to Guinea, West Africa through the use of the chromatic tambin, a patented invention.

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