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Toronto, ON, Canada


Each session will be an all immersive experience for two weeks, with exclusive participant access to the mentors during the sessions. 


In Studio, Monday - Friday: 

10am-12pm Heather leads

12:30-2:30pm guest mentor leads

3-5pm Heather leads in collaboration with guest mentor 


Evenings & the weekend include more discussions, jams, hangs, etc. 

Please check back here soon, a formal schedule with

specific locations will be posted in the coming months!


The 3 sessions in phase one are geared toward creating a global community of music/dance connection, by planting the seeds of fruitful collaborations in communities around the world.  Our goal is to urge our work back to a multi-disciplinary approach, one where the music and dance world are one and true collaboration is at the heart of our practice, creation and performance - the return of music to the dance and dance to the music!



$5,000 + HST (CAD) per collaborative pair

-this price covers all 3 sessions


Our goal is to work with 10 pairs of music/tap collaborators. As we continue to develop our plans, we've made some changes:

-musical collaborators are not required to attend session 1 with Dianne Walker, but are more than welcome to if able/interested!

-we'll accept 20 tap dancers for session 1, with the hope that everyone will find a musical collaborator in time for the next two sessions. We understand that confirming a collaborator takes time, so we wanted to create some breathing room and offer a more reasonable timeline to line things up.  We also understand this may not happen for phase one, so we're accepting more tap dancers for session one than originally planned.


-If accepted participants have not found a collaborator, they will not be permitted to attend session 2 & 3. So, realistically, some dancers will not attend all sessions. In this case, we'll do our best to pair you up, and if unable to secure a collaborator, you will not be responsible for the full cost; session one alone will cost $1,200 + HST. 

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