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Q: Can I attend only one session?


A: Though our intention is for the entirety of phase one is to be attended in full with the same community of participants returning for each full two-week session, we recognize the challenge in securing a musical collaborator. Tap dancers must apply with the intention of securing a collaborator as well as the commitment to attend all 3 sessions. Attending the first session solo is permitted, however, the June and December sessions must be attended with a collaborator.


Q: Can my confirmation be reliant on whether my grant application is successful? 


A: A commitment is required regardless of successful funding results. There are many options to apply with multiple upcoming deadlines, so there are opportunities to continue requests to get some (if not all) costs covered within the 2024 timeline. A payment plan can be issued if needed. Please inquire for more info!


Q: Can I attend without a collaborator?


A: As outlined above, you can attend session 1 without a collaborator, so if you don't yet have a collaborator confirmed, we still encourage you to apply. If accepted as an individual, we’ll work to pair you up if you need assistance! 


Q: What is the total cost?


A: For the entirety of phase 1, you’ll be paying $5000 + HST in total as a pair. Not to worry, the entire cost is to be collected over time, not up front! 


Q: What else should I budget for?

A: Other costs to consider include travel, accommodations, food, leisure expenses - if participants decide to attend concerts, check out music at local jazz clubs, or attend other sessions not produced by HCLP, costs to attend said events will not be covered by HCLP tuition. 


PLEASE NOTE: Session 2 happens during the TD Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, so there will be ample opportunity to experience the vibrancy of Toronto’s live music scene!  Be sure to book early, travel and accommodation will likely be pricier during this time.


Q: When will I hear about grant results?


A: Generally, results are released about 4 months after the deadline.

Q: With the recent cost change, how does each session breakdown?

A: $5000 is the total cost for the entire year/all 3 sessions. So, if attending solo for session 1 with Dianne Walker, it's $1200 , and then the remainder is $3800, which can be split up between pairs - so $475/person/week (Session 2 - 2 weeks with Max Pollak in June; Session 3 - 2 weeks with Andy Milne in December)

*all prices are + HST, and CAD.

Q: If my musical collaborator would like to attend session 1, do they have to pay extra?

A: No. The cost per pair is $5000 in full, so if your musicial collaborator attends session 1 as well, there's no additional cost, it becomes a 50/50 split of $5000, or however you see the cost breakdown working within your collaborative relationship.

For any further questions,

please email Allison at



Session 2 with Max Pollak is coming up soon!


Community Offerings Include:

Exclusive Tap Love Tour Podcast

Conversation Series

June 17-28 (virtual)

Footage Nights

June 18, 20, 25, 27


June 22

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