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Toronto, ON, Canada


Each session will be an all immersive experience for two weeks, with exclusive participant access to the mentors during the sessions. 


In Studio, Monday - Friday: 

10am-12pm Heather leads

12:30-2:30pm guest mentor leads

3-5pm Heather leads in collaboration with guest mentor 


Evenings & the weekend include more discussions, jams, hangs, etc. 

Please check back here soon, a formal schedule with

specific locations will be posted in the coming months!


The 3 sessions in phase one are geared toward creating a global community of music/dance connection, by planting the seeds of fruitful collaborations in communities around the world.  Our goal is to urge our work back to a multi-disciplinary approach, one where the music and dance world are one and true collaboration is at the heart of our practice, creation and performance - the return of music to the dance and dance to the music!



$5,000 + HST (CAD) per collaborative pair

-this price covers all 3 sessions



We have accepted our 10 pairs of music/tap collaborators. As we continue to develop our plans, we've made some changes:

-musical collaborators are not required to attend session 1 with Dianne Walker, but are more than welcome to if able/interested!

We're expanding our capacity to accept 10 more tap dancers for session one.


Creating more accessibility, we'll provide the opportunity for additional tap dancers to spend time with Dianne and Heather together in this unique format. If you are only able or interested in joining us for session one, please apply by January 31, 2024. Due to limited spots available, we need to curate the group based on submissions. 

Attending session one only will cost $1,200 + HST. 

If you are only learning about this project now and the general submission deadlines have passed,  please reach out! Let us know your interest, and we may be able to work with you to discuss another method of involvement! 



Session 2 with Max Pollak is coming up soon!


Community Offerings Include:

Exclusive Tap Love Tour Podcast

Conversation Series

June 17-28 (virtual)

Footage Nights

June 18, 20, 25, 27


June 22

To learn more, register and/or donate, 

please click below:

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